Contract Stipulations & Benefits

  1. Exclusivity
    • The teacher agrees to work exclusively for AEON during the contract period.
  2. One-year Renewable Contract
    • Based on performance evaluations, successful teachers can be offered the option to extend their contract. Performance-based salary increase in subsequent years.
  3. Work Hours
    • School hours vary from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. A Typical workweek is Tuesday – Saturday. Teachers work a total of 40 hours per week which includes 25 teaching hours. Actual work schedules are assigned by the Branch School Manager.
  4. Monthly Teaching Salary
    • 270,000 yen; under the 11% tax rate in Japan.
  5. Overtime Rate
    • 3,000 yen/hour for all teaching over 25 hours weekly.
  6. Housing and Commuting
    • Japanese-style apartment prepared and furnished by AEON. Private apartment with own bathroom and kitchenette. Commuting expenses, key money and deposits paid by AEON.
  7. Monthly Expenses
    • Rent: Teachers are responsible for up to 55,000 yen of their rent each month which is automatically deducted from their base salary. Teachers are responsible for their own personal expenses. Examples include: utilities, food, internet access and smartphone/cell phone costs
  8. Health  Insurance and Welfare Pension
    • Sickness and accident insurance provided by the Japanese government’s National Social Insurance System. Approximately 38,000 yen a month (approximately 24,000 of which is refundable) is deducted from the teacher’s salary for membership in the Social Insurance System.
  9. Vacation and Holidays
    • Japanese national holidays, 3 approximately one-week paid vacation periods at designated times and 5 paid personal days per year.
  10. Transportation
    • Airfare to and from Japan arranged and paid for by the teacher. A one-time 70,000 yen Flight Allowance provided for eligible teachers who meet criteria set by AEON (does not apply to teachers hired in Japan). Ground transportation is provided by AEON from airport to training center to branch school.
  11. Training and Professional Development
    • A week or more of paid training in Japan; accommodations are provided at company expense. Ongoing paid training and professional development is provided throughout the contract period.
  12. Bonus
    • One-time bonus upon completion of final contract as follows. Non-taxable and paid in cash.
      • 12 – 23 months of employment:
      • 80,000 yen
      • 24 months or more of employment:
      • 160,000 yen