Privacy Policy

AEON Corporation’s data collection and privacy policy:

Information and documents submitted through the online application form will be received and collected by AEON Intercultural USA Corporation and AEON Corporation of Japan. Information submitted through the online application form, by email or at an in-person interview will be stored and processed for recruitment purposes only.

For successful applicants, your information will be shared with AEON Corporation of Japan for employment purposes as well as Japanese Immigration for the processing of the work visa.

For applicants from the EEA, all handling of your information will be done in compliance with GDPR.

Applicant’s information will be kept for no longer than one year from completion of the application process. Applicants have the right to request AEON Intercultural USA Corporation and/or AEON Corporation of Japan to delete and/or destroy any information that has been submitted, either upon withdrawing from the application process or completing the application process.