Business Responsibilities

AEON Corporation is a private company with a proven track record of providing high-quality English educational services for students of all ages. Students who come to AEON are paying to study English with us in order to reach their English goals.

AEON schools strive to maintain a high standard of educational quality and a sound business plan. Our teachers’ support and cooperation are essential to our success in both of these areas. At AEON, teachers take an active role both inside and outside of the classroom to help their school be successful financially.

Planning, preparing for, and teaching lessons are a large part of how AEON teachers support their schools. The following are other important ways AEON teachers contribute at their schools.AEON Interview

Student Interviews

AEON teachers conduct 10-30 minute interviews with both children and adults who are interested in joining the school. During these interviews, the teacher will spend time talking with the student and then give a short English lesson. Through this interview, the teacher will show the quality of AEON and our lessons and ultimately motivate these students to enroll at our schools.


Counselings are 1-on-1 sessions in which teachers give students additional guidance on their English studies. Students will have several counseling appointments throughout the year, with each appointment lasting around 5-10 minutes. During counselings, teachers will learn more about their students and give them academic advice to support them in their studies. Teachers will also play an active role in guiding students on which courses to take in the future.


Self-Study courses are 3-month supplementary courses which students purchase to work on improving specific English skills. Many of the courses have students study at home and take check tests at the school with their teacher, while other courses will be conducted entirely at the school. Teachers will promote and sell Self-Study courses to their students by recommending a course that will help them improve their English. When students sign up for a Self-Study course, teachers provide encouragement and guidance to help them complete the course within 3 months.

Club Chat

Club Chat is a booklet we use in our Kids lessons to keep track of attendance and communicate with parents. After each lesson, teachers will give their students stickers to mark their attendance and reward them for studying at home. Every month teachers will exchange messages with their students’ parents to share information about each child’s progress in class.

Recitals and Seasonal Events

Schools hold recitals which give our children the opportunity to show off what they’ve learned. Teachers will coach their students to prepare for these events and give them awards for their accomplishments. AEON schools also hold seasonal events like Halloween parties to help our students experience and learn more about other cultures. Teachers will help plan and conduct these events which provide their students with wonderful experiences where they can use English.AEON Students

Student Management System

The Student Management System is a computer system for teachers to keep records of their students’ studies and progress. Teachers will update student records by entering information about lessons and counseling. Some students take lessons with several teachers over time, so this is a way teachers can learn about students they will be teaching in the future.

School Meetings

Each branch school has a weekly business and teachers meeting. In business meetings, the Manager will go over the school’s financial goals and business strategies. Teachers contribute to these meetings by sharing information about their current students and learning about what they will be doing to support their school. In teachers’ meetings, teachers will have the opportunity to work on improving their teaching skills for both adults and kids lessons. Teachers will be able to learn new teaching techniques and share information with their fellow teachers.

Promotional Activities

AEON conducts a number of promotional activities such as TOEIC high score contests, academic seminars, and word-of-mouth advertising campaigns that teachers will help promote.


AEON schools are responsible for advertising in the area around the school. Teachers support their school’s advertising through activities such as helping with the production and distribution of advertisements and updating and writing on the school’s website.

School Cleaning and Upkeep

Everyone at the school will work together to keep their school looking clean and organized to provide a comfortable learning environment for the students and themselves. Teachers will also help create displays for the school lobby and classrooms to promote different events or activities at the school and create a positive working environment.