AEON Corporation is proud to be a member of the KDDI Group as of January 2018.

KDDI’s History

KDDI, a telecommunications operator, was first established in 1953 as Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co. Ltd. (KDD). In 1964, KDD started the No. 1 Trans-Pacific Cable service, which was the first submarine cable to connect the Japan and the Mainland USA. The cable handled communications between Japan and the USA until 1990.
In 1985, DDI (DDI) Corporation launched operations and began the Tokaido Route leased circuit service, which provided domestic long distance service along the Tokaido Route (Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka).
In 1987, Nippon Idou Tsushin Corporation (IDO) was established and in 1988, launched car telephone service in Japan.

After many years of providing communications service and innovations, KDD, DDI and IDO merged in 2000 to create KDDI.

Brand Vision: Life Design

KDDI’s vision revolves around “Life Design,” which means enriching customers’ everyday lives, businesses and communications by providing life-enriching services. KDDI’s goal is to provide a variety of useful products and services that help customers to design their own lifestyles and liberate them from everyday inconveniences.
Recently, KDDI has branched out from telecommunications into providing other services that support daily living, which include payment services, online shopping, electric utilities, and finance.


Education was the next logical step in the progression of KDDI’s Life Design philosophy as the need for English language learning in Japan is anticipated to increase from the year 2020 due to changes in the public education system and increase in foreign tourists.
AEON Corporation was chosen to become a member of the KDDI family due to our long history of producing friendly, experienced instructors and original educational materials.
By combining AEON’s high-quality teachers and KDDI’s state-of-the-art technology, we will be able to provide the best quality service to our students.
Our students stand to benefit in many ways from the joint efforts of AEON and KDDI, including:

  • KDDI’s app development and digital technology making it possible to track students’ learning history and provide learning methods through complex data analysis.
  • Increased research and development of new lessons using A.I. and digital technology.
  • Sustaining students’ motivation through home learning support (including A.I., tablets, V.R., smartphone apps, etc.)