History of AEON

  • 1973
    Founded in Tokushima, Japan

  • 1976
    Began developing original textbooks

  • 1979
    Started hiring teachers from the United States through recruitment in California

  • 1983
    Opened the AEON West Japan Training Center

  • 1985
    Established our original Learning and Acquisition teaching method

  • 1986
    Standardized lessons throughout all AEON schools

  • 1987
    Opened the personnel recruitment center in Los Angeles as well as the AEON East Japan Training Center

  • 1988
    Developed original test preparation material for the TOEIC, TOEFL, and STEP tests

  • 1989
    Established Headquarters building in Okayama

  • 1993
    Became a member of Zengaikyo (Japan Association for the Promotion of Foreign Language Education)

  • 1996
    Opened the personnel recruiting office in New York City

  • 1998
    Became a member of the Japan Association of Personnel Ability Development

  • 1999
    Founded AEON NET Communications, Inc. as a joint venture to begin offering telephone lessons
    Started offering Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare designated “Training and Education Benefit Courses”

  • 2002
    Created the online, real-time English education service “AEON Net Campus”

  • 2003
    Acquired 100% ownership of ICS International Culture Education Center and changed its name to “Ryugaku Journal” to further strengthen the study abroad and home-stay division

  • 2004
    Established the Chinese Language School “HAO Chinese Academy”

  • 2005
    Relocated and completed construction of the new West Japan Training Center

  • 2006
    Created standardized series of AEON Kids textbooks
    Started offering courses for students to become certified for teaching elementary school students
    AEON Corporation was granted the Privacy Mark certification for its dedication to and compliance with privacy regulations for student and staff information

  • 2010
    Set up trust fund to maintain 50% of the students’ tuition with Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.

  • 2011
    Released various new textbooks, including business versions of selected levels and advanced level multi-functional textbooks

  • 2012
    Introduced i-Club – an online learning resource for kids

  • 2013
    Outfitted all branch schools with iPads and flat-screen monitors for digital lessons

  • 2014
    Completed construction on the Chubu Region Headquarters building
    Acquired the Matsuka Phonics Institute to continue developing English learning materials for children

  • 2015
    Launched a new computerized Student Management System (SMS) to unify head office, branch school, and student communication
    Partnered with Tokyo Free Guide service to train their staff on how to give tours in English to foreign visitors

  • 2016
    Created a new textbook series for elementary school age students with digital classroom learning materials

  • 2017
    Released a virtual reality English training app (Omotenashi Guide in English)

  • 2018
    Became a member of the KDDI Group, one of the major communications companies in Japan

  • 2019
    AEON’s Headquarters moved from Okayama to Tokyo

  • 2022
    Consolidated overseas recruiting into one office in Grapevine, Texas