Salary, Apartment & More

At AEON we pride ourselves on supplying our instructors with the most complete benefits package in the English conversation industry. From salary to vacation days to health insurance, AEON’s benefits provide our instructors with a sense of security unmatched by our competitors.

Starting Salary: 275,000 Japanese yen per month

  • Paid on-time directly to the teacher’s Japanese bank account
  • AEON will help the teacher set up their bank account
  • Teachers can travel, take Japanese lessons, go out with friends, and save for their future

Flight Allowance: 70,000 Japanese yen

  • One-time Flight Allowance for eligible teachers
  • Paid after completing Initial Training in the teacher’s first month’s salary

Housing: Each teacher lives in their own single occupancy apartment

  • Actual Japanese apartments; no company dormitories
  • Apartments are furnished
  • Rent is subsidized – Teachers only pay up to 55,000 yen per month no matter where they live in Japan
  • Key money and deposit are paid by AEON

Teacher Training

  • All teachers undergo a week or more of training when they arrive in Japan
  • Continued trainings and workshops are offered throughout the contract period


  • Teachers plan, prepare and teach their own classes giving them valuable experience for their futures
  • AEON provides lesson plans and materials for our adults and kids lessons
  • State of the art technology is implemented in AEON’s classrooms through our digital lessons

Vacations and Holidays

  • All vacations and holidays are fully paid
  • National holidays
  • Three different one-week vacation periods throughout the year
  • 5 personal days per year

Experiencing Japan

Commuting Expenses

  • If the teacher needs to commute by public transportation from the apartment to the school, the expenses are paid by AEON
  • All other commuting expenses related to AEON are also covered, e.g. trainings and workshops

Opportunities for Advancement

  • Being one of the largest companies in the industry, AEON offers a variety of career paths for our teachers

Contract Completion Bonus

  • One-time bonus paid upon completion of the final contract
  • Teachers completing 12-23 months receive 80,000 Japanese yen
  • Teachers completing 24 or more months receive 160,000 Japanese yen

Work Visa for Japan

  • AEON sponsors our teachers’ work visa for Japan

Health Insurance

  • All teachers are provided comprehensive health insurance through the Japan Health Insurance Association
  • All teachers receive a full health screening once per year