Interviews and Positions

AEON offers teaching positions for every month of the year and regularly holds interview sessions at our office in Texas. Recruiting trips are also conducted throughout the year in many cities across the US, Canada, England and Australia. AEON’s Tokyo Recruiting Office conducts interviews for individuals currently living in Japan with a valid work visa.

Apply Online

Through the recruiting locations page, candidates choose the most convenient recruiting location and submit their resume and essay. Applications are screened and successful candidates are offered an interview over Skype.

Skype Interview

The Skype interview is a brief, professional interview where candidates will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and discuss the responsibilities of an AEON teacher. The Skype Interview typically lasts between 15 to 20 minutes.  Successful candidates will be invited to an Online General Meeting and Personal Interview.

Online General Meeting and Group Interview, and Online Personal Interview

The Online General Meeting and Group Interview is held over a digital platform.  Candidates will learn more about AEON and will work together to prepare a short teaching activity.  Candidates will also have the opportunity to ask questions.  The Online General Meeting lasts between 2.5 to 3 hours.

Online Personal Interviews will be held later the same day for all candidates in attendance.  During the Online Personal Interview, candidates will do a teaching demonstration using AEON materials.  Candidates will be asked employment-related questions by the recruiters.  An Online Personal Interview lasts between 30 to 45 minutes.  At the conclusion of the interview, the candidate will take an online English test and questionnaire.

Successful candidates will be invited to an In-Person Personal Interview.

In-Person Personal Interview

Candidates who pass the Online Personal Interview will be offered to attend an In-Person Personal Interview at a later date.  Presently, these in-person interviews are only being offered in the United States and Japan.  All current COVID-19 safety and precautionary measures will be in place during the interviews.  The desks and materials will be sanitized between candidates.  Specific information and instructions will be sent by email for those who are invited.

This in-person interview is the final step in the interview process and all candidates must attend an in-person interview in order to be offered a position with AEON.

This interview will consist of more teaching demonstrations, for both kids and adults lessons, and additional questions by the recruiter.  It will last between 1 and 1.5 hours.

Candidates are responsible for any expenses incurred in traveling to the In-Person Personal Interview. Candidates must attend all stages of the interview process in order to be considered for a position with AEON. For those who live in countries outside of the areas where AEON has recruiting locations or areas where travel is currently restricted due to COVID-19 precautionary measures, it may be possible to complete the interview process online.

Position Search

After a candidate has successfully completed the Personal Interview, AEON will begin the position search. When placing successful candidates, we take into consideration what unique set of strengths they can bring to the school, as well as the needs of the school and students. We also want our candidates to feel comfortable with their placement in Japan. During the interview process, candidates will be asked their preferences regarding school location, number of children’s classes they would like to teach, and the timing of their departure. AEON will try to accommodate these requests to the best of our ability. However, we are not always able to fulfill the requests since we can only offer positions that are open.

Position Offer

When a position offer is made, we will inform the candidate of the exact contract dates, location of the school, and types of lessons currently being taught at the school. Additionally, the candidate will have the opportunity to read AEON’s Contract and Policy Manual thoroughly before signing.

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