Position Offer to Arrival in Japan

AEON’s recruiters support our new teachers as they prepare to move to Japan and begin working at their schools. Starting with detailed information about the branch school being offered and finishing with an informational phone call to go over what the new teacher can expect during their first few weeks in Japan, the recruiters work closely with all of the teachers we hire. It generally takes two to six months from position offer to arrival in Japan.

A general guideline of the process is as follows:

Position Offer

  • The candidate is given the name of the AEON branch school, information about the location, and the exact contract dates, as well as time to consider the position.

Offer Acceptance

  • Upon accepting the position offer, the recruiters will ask for information to complete the employment documents and visa application.
  • The contract and other important documents will be sent and the candidate will have time to read all of the information carefully.
  • A phone call will be scheduled to cover any questions the candidate has about the contract and terms of employment. During this call, the contract is signed.

Employment Documents and Visa Application

  • Employment documents are received from the new teacher, prepared and sent to Japan.
  • AEON submits the visa paperwork to Japanese Immigration officials for issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility (pre-approval document for the work visa) for the new teacher.

Onboarding and Support

  • Directly after signing the contract, new teachers will access AEON’s Pre-Departure website which contains more information on the company, useful tips for preparation for life in Japan and pre-training materials.
  • Recruiters offer Online Get Togethers a few times per month where hired teachers meet online to learn more about working with AEON and engage in fun activities covering topics from travel, customs, language, festivals and food in Japan.  The Online Get Togethers provide the opportunity to network with other new teachers awaiting to depart, so teachers will come to Japan having already made some friends among their new colleagues.
  • Recruiters send newsletters filled with information and tips on life in Japan and working at AEON, basic Japanese practice, and online quizzes to help our new teachers brush up on their English grammar skills.
  • Recruiters are always available to answer any questions our new teachers have during their preparation.

Issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility

  • About three to four weeks before departure, the Certificate of Eligibility will be sent from Japan to the new teacher.
  • The teacher completes the visa application form provided by AEON and submits their application to their nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate. For details on Japanese Embassies and Consulates, please visit: http://www.mofa.go.jp/about/emb_cons/mofaserv.html
  • The visa is generally issued about one week after the application is submitted.

Preparation for Departure to Japan

  • Flight details are confirmed.
  • Two to three weeks before departure, recruiters will have a phone call with the new teacher to discuss details about their arrival in Japan and training.

Arrival in Japan

  • New teachers will be met at the airport by an AEON representative, who will assist them with forwarding their main luggage to their branch school.
  • Once everyone arrives at the airport meeting area, the group will head to the training center. Transportation cost from the airport to the training center is covered by AEON.