English Education

AEON’s classes are designed to improve our students’ English speaking skills. On average, Japanese students usually receive six years of formal English language education in public schools. The curricula and the syllabi are planned mainly to prepare students for university entrance examinations. Classes are taught in Japanese and are almost entirely focused on reading, writing and translation. Thus, the opportunities for speaking practice are extremely rare.English Education - Teacher teaching 3 adult students English

There are a great number of private English language schools in Japan aiming to fill the need for conversation practice, but most focus solely on listening and speaking without providing a foundation in grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure. Since English learners in Japan, especially adult learners, spend most of their time speaking Japanese, a large amount of time is required to master English through the direct methods employed by other language schools. Therefore, at AEON schools we provide our students with a structured environment for improving their conversation abilities by employing our original method, the Learning and Acquisition Method. AEON can best help students of conversational English improve by providing education that focuses on both structure and conversation practice.