AEON Students

All students are welcome at AEON. We teach students of all ages; infants to adults. Our students also vary in level, ability, and in their specific goals, so AEON teachers provide students with the knowledge and assistance necessary to meet their individual needs. Their success is our top priority.


Adult students vary in age, level, occupation, and personality, yet all possess the desire to learn English. Adult students can range from businesspeople who want to advance in their jobs, people who want to travel, or retired people who enjoy learning English as a hobby. These are just a few examples of how diverse AEON students can be. Each student has a specific goal for their studies in English which is unique to that individual. What makes the classroom really exciting is that their experiences can be shared with the teacher and other students. Not only will the student learn from the teacher and their fellow students, but on many occasions the teacher will also learn a great deal from the student.

College Students

College students, for the first time in their lives, have the time to undertake those endeavors that are of interest to them rather than required of them. Often college students wish to study English because of future goals such as working overseas or studying abroad. As their ambitions in life become more clearly defined, AEON can help them attain their dreams.

High School Students

High school students in Japan are exceptionally hard working and their dedication to English is no different. With school and after-school activities, many students do not return home until after dark. High school students are often some of AEON’s quickest learners, since for many of them learning English is not only an enjoyable hobby but also a step towards achieving their goals in life.

Junior High School Students

Junior high school students’ purposes for studying English at AEON vary from dreams of studying abroad to improving their grades at school, to sheer curiosity about English. Since they do not yet have basic reading or writing skills, AEON has different methods of teaching students who need to develop in these areas. AEON has designed lessons for junior high school students to improve simultaneously their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in the classroom.

Elementary School Students

From the year 2020, English is going to be a mandatory school subject for fifth and sixth graders in Japan. Because of their age, elementary school students are still able to acquire natural sounding pronunciation and intonation. Since they typically have a short attention span, the lessons consist of a number of different activities, such as playing games and singing, to encourage them to speak as much English as possible. To prepare for their junior high school education, upper elementary school students start learning to read and write in addition to their regular conversation practice.

Kindergarteners, Preschoolers and Toddlers

Kindergarteners, preschoolers and toddlers are extremely inquisitive and can absorb English in almost the same way they learn Japanese. The lessons for these students include even more physical activities than elementary students’ lessons. Coloring pictures, using stickers, dancing, singing, and playing games are all components of these lessons. It is very rewarding to teach these students and see their rapid progress.


Infants attend classes with either their mothers or fathers. At this age, they are not usually able to produce English, but the information received will help with their study of English later in life. Until the age of two or three, they do not separate English from Japanese, so this is an opportune time for students to start learning English.