L & A Method

The Learning and Acquisition (L&A) Method of teaching was developed to solve critical problems with language education in Japan.

The average English learner in Japan possesses six to twelve years of formal English study, but this background is mainly in reading, writing and translation. Listening, speaking, and conversation practice in formal schooling has only begun in recent years. Unfortunately, this leaves the student unable to successfully use the language they have studied outside of a structured environment. AEON solves this problem by providing students with opportunities to listen to and speak English.

For many people in Japan, daily life is such that they have only limited learning time. Schedules are usually very busy and most activities are conducted in Japanese. Many students simply do not have enough opportunities to practice and truly acquire the structures and language they first studied in Jr. High and High School.  This is where AEON’s L&A Method is tailored to fit the needs of our students, and ensures that they make measurable improvement.
AEON's Learning and Acquisition Method

LEARNING is important in mastering a language. Students need to learn grammar, vocabulary, and expressions to be able to speak correctly. Although the Japanese educational system provides students with a great deal of instruction in these areas, students do not learn English in a way designed to improve their speaking skills. Not all students have sufficient knowledge of English structure to speak it accurately. It is also not uncommon for adult students to have forgotten much of what they learned in school. To overcome these challenges, AEON creates an environment in our Learning Lessons where the language structure is taught through conversation rather than through explanation or lecturing. Students improve through the study and practice of linguistic targets.

ACQUISITION of the language is essential in order to use it in practical situations. In Acquisition Lessons, students apply their current communication skills in a variety of activities. AEON provides students with the opportunity to use previously-learned structures to complete tasks, without a specific linguistic target in place. This “acquisition” process adds meaning and value to their English knowledge by allowing the student to internalize previously-learned structures and use them properly outside of a structured environment.