Lessons for Adults

At AEON, adult students are placed in classes according to their current English grammar knowledge and speaking ability. High school and university students are placed in classes with adult students, since they have already received English education in public school and possess general knowledge of the language. The courses for adult students consist of the following types of lessons.

Learning Lessons

Maximum of 5 studentsAdults Lesson

Each Learning lesson contains both a fundamental section which emphasizes basic grammar usage and rules as well as an enhancement section which expands upon the basic communication exercises. The purpose of the Learning lessons is to bring students to the stage where they can use the correct form and natural expressions in conversation. All Learning classes are digital, with the exception of the advanced level discussion class. Teachers teach using an iPad and the lesson content is displayed on a monitor in the classroom.

Acquisition Lessons

Maximum of 5 students

Acquisition lessons are designed to encourage students to speak as much as possible using their current English knowledge. Students prepare for lessons by watching videos online. In class, students have discussions in pairs or small groups. Whereas Learning lessons focus on particular grammatical or structural weaknesses the students may have, Acquisition lessons focus on specific tasks that need to be accomplished through the use of English.

L&A Light Lessons

Maximum of 8 students

L&A Light lessons provide students with a balanced focus of Learning and Acquisition. These lessons include structured dialogue practice in the first section and free conversation in the second section. L&A Light lessons require less preparation than Learning and Acquisition lessons and are designed for students who are looking for more gradual improvement or maintenance of their current abilities.

Private Lessons

Private lessons focus on the individual needs of one student. The teacher and the student design a lesson plan to achieve the student’s specific goal at the desired pace.

Other Lessons for Special Purposes

AEON offers preparation courses for English proficiency examinations, such as the TOEFL, TOEIC, and STEP. We also conduct courses to prepare high school students for university entrance exams. There are also other courses to improve students’ specific language skills, for example vocabulary, listening, pronunciation or grammar.