Lessons for Children

At AEON, students who have not started high school education are placed in children’s lessons. Since they have not yet received enough English education in public schools and are at different developmental stages, children are divided into classes according to their age. Our courses for children consist of the following types of lessons.

Mommy and Me Lessons

Maximum of 4 pairs

A teacher and two pre-school students are holding hands and singing a song in AEON's lessons for children for young children“Mommy and Me” lessons are designed for very young children ages 1 – 3. Children at this age often participate in class much more enthusiastically with the support of their mother or father. Lessons include a variety of input-centered songs, games, and activities which help young children learn and enjoy speaking English.

Pre-school Lessons

Maximum of 6 students

Pre-school lessons are designed for children ages 3 – 6. Children at this age are very imaginative and curious and enjoy socializing with friends. Lessons involve a variety of activities, songs, and games which help children learn to interact using English.

Elementary School Lessons

Maximum of 6 students

Two students are practicing a dialogue while the other students and teacher look on in AEON's lessons for children for junior high school studentsElementary School lessons are designed for children ages 7 – 12. The lessons are designed to give students the tools and skills they need to be effective communicators in English as well as active, successful members of our global society. Elementary School lessons are taught using the iPad with the same interface as the adult iPad lessons. This helps teachers feel comfortable with the material and allows them to focus more on the students.

Junior High School Lessons

Maximum of 8 students

Junior High School lessons are designed for children ages 13 – 15. Children at this age are often familiar with the basics of English, but have had little opportunity to practice speaking. Lessons are more similar to adult lessons, but also contain interactive activities to help students enjoy practicing English. The lessons focus on helping students actively practice the 4 key skills (5 areas) of English.

Returnee Lessons

Maximum of 8 students

Returnee Lessons are designed for children who have lived abroad in an English speaking country. Students in these classes can vary significantly in terms of their ages and the length of time they lived abroad. Consequently, each lesson can be adjusted to meet the needs of that particular class.