Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t speak Japanese; can I still live and work in Japan?

Yes. Japanese is not a requirement for a teaching position at AEON. In Japan, it is possible to survive, and even flourish, with little understanding of the language. In most situations, you can find someone with enough English to help you. At your school the Japanese staff will do their best to help with a particularly difficult problem.

Many teachers come to Japan without any prior knowledge of the Japanese language. Most grasp at least the basics after a few months of immersion. Japanese lessons are available at most local community or international centers. There are some teachers who work very hard on their Japanese, and the results can be stunning. There is no better way to learn a foreign language than by living in the country where it is spoken.

Is it possible for me to be hired by AEON if I don’t have a university degree?

No. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required. An applicant who does not have, or will not soon have, a bachelor’s degree will not be considered.

Is it a problem if I’m from a non English-speaking country or I’m not a citizen of an English-speaking country?

AEON requires a masterful command of the English language. Applicants from countries where English is not an officially recognized national language must have a total of at least 10 years of education from schools where English is the primary mode of education, including a bachelor’s degree from an English speaking country.

I’ve just graduated and I have no teaching experience. Can I still teach in Japan?

Yes. Experience in a teaching or tutoring environment can be an asset, but is not a requirement. Applicants need a university degree, a professional and pleasant demeanor, a desire to succeed at new challenges, an ability to adapt to a new environment, and the responsibility to fulfill the commitments of the job.

New teachers are provided with enough training and support to start their teaching careers with confidence. You will be provided with the tools to teach when you arrive, and your proficiency as a teacher will quickly increase once you begin teaching.

Are there contracts with AEON for less than a year such as summer contracts, internships, or six-month contracts?

No. AEON hires for one-year contracts only. Due to visa requirements, we do not hire people for contract terms shorter than one year.

How much money should I have to begin teaching in Japan?

Approximately $3,000 – $4,000 (USD). This amount is necessary to prepare for departure to Japan and upon arrival. The following is an outline of the financial obligations teachers have when preparing for life in Japan:

  • The equivalent of ¥150,000 Japanese yen for start-up costs in Japan. These include food, phone, Internet, utilities, transportation outside of work, entertainment, etc.
  • Air-ticket to Japan
  • A professional wardrobe for a 5-day workweek

Does AEON pay for my flight to Japan?

All teachers are required to pay for their airfare to Japan. A one-time Flight Allowance of 70,000 Japanese yen is paid to eligible teachers after completing Initial Training in Japan in their first month’s salary. This is to help offset the cost of the airfare and initial expenses in Japan.

What are the typical monthly deductions and expenses while living in Japan?

The following is a breakdown of the typical monthly deductions and expenses for a first-year teacher:

Monthly Salary: ¥275,000

  • Rent: ¥55,000
  • Japanese Taxes: 11%
  • Japanese National Social Insurance: ¥40,000
  • Food: ¥40,000 – ¥70,000
  • Utilities: ¥6,000 – ¥12,000
  • Phone: ¥3,500 – ¥11,000
  • Internet: ¥4,000 – ¥6,000

If I’m an older applicant, can I still apply?

Yes. AEON is an equal opportunity employer; we hire people of all ages.

My partner and I would both like to teach for AEON. Is that possible?

Yes. AEON hires individuals regardless of their relationship status. You must apply as an individual and should both applicants be successful, we will try to place you as close together as possible.

AEON does not provide housing for couples. All AEON apartments are designated as single occupancy on the rental agreement. Each teaching position comes with an apartment and each teacher is responsible for his or her own apartment.

Do I have to live in the AEON apartment?

Yes. AEON teachers are required to live in the apartment provided by the company for the full contract period.

Can I bring my family?

We highly discourage it. It would be very difficult to have your family with you in Japan. AEON apartments are designated as single occupancy. Day care is not as available in Japan as it is in other countries. At Japanese public schools, all children receive their education in Japanese and private international schools are expensive. AEON’s benefits are for individual teachers, and furthermore, the cost of raising a family in Japan is high.

Can I bring my pet?

No. Pets are not allowed in the AEON-provided apartments.

I don’t live near the recruiting offices. Where can I apply?

AEON has recruitment offices in Texas and Tokyo. Recruiting trips are also conducted throughout the year in many cities across the US, Canada, England and Australia. AEON’s Tokyo Recruiting Office conducts interviews for individuals currently living in Japan with a valid work visa. Select the interview location and date that is the most convenient for you and apply through the corresponding office.

Applicants must attend a series of meetings and interviews before being considered for a position. All travel and personal expenses incurred during the interview process are the sole responsibility of the applicant.

For those who live outside of the areas where AEON has recruiting locations, it may be possible to complete the interview process online through video conferencing.

When do positions begin?

AEON hires throughout the year for positions that open every month. The earliest we are able to send a candidate who requires visa sponsorship to Japan is two to three months from when they are hired, due to the amount of time required for the visa application process.

Can I choose where I live in Japan?

Yes. Location requests are considered and we try to accommodate them to the best of our ability. The more specific a location request is, the harder it is to grant it.

When a person is offered a position, the location of the school and specific information about the location and position is given before he or she signs the contract. This has been very successful in ensuring that our new teachers will enjoy life where they live in Japan.

What if I need to return home?

While AEON does have its employees sign a one-year contract, we understand that there are occasionally unavoidable emergencies that must be dealt with. In these cases, AEON will work with you to allow time off to resolve your difficulties and make a quick return to teaching.

Is there a limit to how long I can remain in Japan?

No. After approximately 6 months in Japan, you will have a meeting to discuss your contract renewal. Based on your performance, you may be offered a renewal of up to a year on your contract.

You will continue to be offered a contract renewal as long as your standard of teaching remains high, you are committed to helping AEON as a business, and your relationships with your fellow staff members and your students remain professional and productive. Over seventy percent of our teachers renew their contracts past their first year and our longest-serving foreign teachers have been here for over ten years.

Who will I be teaching?

Our students include anyone who has a desire to learn English. They are drawn from all age groups and all walks of life: children, university students, professionals, homemakers, businesspeople, and retirees. For the majority of our students, learning English is a serious goal and an endeavor at which they work hard. However, for some of our students, English lessons are a form of entertainment or an activity they pursue for sheer enjoyment.

Other questions? Recruiting Office contact information:

AEON United States (Texas)
Phone: US (817) 203-4032

AEON Tokyo
Phone: Japan (048) 437-8892