Life At Aeon

AEON is dedicated to the success and advancement of our students. Furthermore, AEON is dedicated to helping our teachers grow professionally as well as personally. The training and work experience at AEON allows individuals to AEON is dedicated to the success and advancement of our studentsleave Japan with real skills which will be useful to them in whatever profession they choose to pursue.

Those interested in the business world will leave with an increased awareness and understanding of one of the world’s strongest economic powers. Those interested in the arts and humanities will leave with knowledge of a unique and interesting country with thousands of years of history. No matter what you pursue after your experience in Japan, there are always benefits to learning a new language, interacting with people from other cultures, and widening your global perspectives.

Life at AEON is rewarding both professionally and personally. You will gain valuable presentation skills that can be used in any future profession and your resume will show that you have successfully lived and worked in a foreign environment.