Dress Code

Picture of four teachers following AEON's dresscode

AEON teachers are expected to be professionally dressed and groomed to Japanese standards at all times during their working hours. Standards for professional dress are generally more conservative in Japan than they are in many western countries. Jackets need to be worn in the lobby, during interviews for prospective students, and in some classes for business people, but can generally be taken off when teaching lessons for children to make it easier for the teacher to move around the classroom. However, while the styles of clothing are more conservative, that doesn’t mean the colors should be somber.

At AEON, we want to promote a friendly atmosphere at our schools. AEON teachers generally bring four suits with them to Japan with jacket colors ranging from lighter to darker. Days when teachers are wearing a darker jacket, we expect they wear a lighter color blouse or shirt and tie combination to help create a bright, friendly feeling at the school.

Teachers usually commute to work in their suits. Some teachers commute in their work shoes, but others leave their work shoes at the school and commute in more comfortable shoes, especially if they walk or ride their bike to the branch school.

Just like at the branch school, the dress code for AEON’s interviews is business professional.

Please see AEON’s acceptable clothing styles for our employees here.