Expectations and Responsibilities

At AEON, there is an emphasis not only on the academic qualifications of the teaching staff, but also on their personal qualifications. AEON selects teachers from all over the world, bringing a diversity of culture to our classrooms in Japan. While learning the English language, our students enjoy and benefit from their interaction with their teachers.

Although the diversity and the individuality of each of our foreign staff members are important, there are certain qualities shared by all of our foreign teaching staff: professionalism, flexibility, respect, organization, creativity, friendliness, perseverance, and most importantly, enthusiasm. During the teacher selection process, successful candidates display all of these qualities.

An AEON Teacher’s Responsibilities Include

  • A 40-hour workweek consisting of teaching hours and office responsibilities. Office responsibilities include, but are not limited to interviewing prospective students, recommending texts, counseling students, completing progress reports, and greeting students in the lobby
  • Maintaining a professional attitude and appearance
  • Showing enthusiasm and creativity in their lessons
  • Actively participating in all meetings, workshops and AEON-related campaigns
  • Showing flexibility and a continued drive to improve
  • Sharing and exchanging cultural information with students and other teachers

AEON has a supportive atmosphere where everyone’s goals and desires are considered. We are interested in the growth of both our students and teachers. It is our belief at AEON that the more support we provide our teachers, the more successful the teachers will be. Better communication and cooperation results in better lessons and greater attention given to our students.