Training and Workshops

AEON has earned a strong reputation for quality lessons. In order to meet the high expectations of our students, our teachers receive numerous trainings throughout their careers.

All AEON trainers were former branch school teachers and therefore have years of experience teaching our students using the AEON method. Because of their experience working at the schools and living in Japan, they are able to give first-hand information to help our new teachers successfully begin their new career. Trainers are also a valuable resource to answer many questions the new teachers have about life in Japan, not only during Initial Training, but beyond as well.

After arriving in Japan, all new teachers attend a paid Initial Training, which lasts approximately one week. Initial Training covers a wide range of topics from planning and teaching lessons, to business responsibilities, to student care, to cultural understanding and more.

Upon completion of Initial Training, the new teacher is taken to their school and introduced to their new co-workers. Once at their school, the teacher receives additional on-the-job training, which includes receiving an orientation to the school and its procedures, attending informational meetings with the Manager and Head Teacher, and observing the lessons of other teachers.

To enhance the skills they acquired during Initial Training and in the classroom, teachers attend Follow-Up Training a few months after they have been teaching at their branch schools. At this time, they are given an opportunity to share ideas and teaching techniques with other teachers. In addition, various workshops and seminars are held throughout the year to help teachers further develop their skills. Finally, teachers receive ongoing support from their trainers through school visits, phone calls and web meetings.