Your First Year in Japan

One year with AEON goes fast. When you arrive at your school, you will meet the staff as well as the hundreds of students who have been eagerly awaiting your arrival. It will take a while for you to learn their names, but eventually you will recognize everyone who comes through the door. Teaching does not come quickly to everyone. In your first few weeks, do not be surprised if preparation takes a bit more time than you expected and lessons do not go as smoothly as you had hoped. However, with your knowledge from Initial Training and with the support of your coworkers, you will find that by the time you attend Follow-up Training, your confidence has improved immensely. At this point, you can focus your attention on fine tuning your teaching, taking good care of your students, and making your school a great place for everyone.

Arrival in Japan

  • New teachers from all over the world are met by an AEON training staff member at the airport and proceed to the training center.

Initial Training

  • Teachers receive training on the AEON method, lesson structure, teaching techniques, and are introduced to the business responsibilities at the school.  There are many opportunities to practice the lessons and receive feedback from the trainers. Initial Training is conducted at one of AEON’s Training Centers throughout Japan.

Departure to the Branch School

  • An AEON staff member will assist the teacher to travel to their new school.

On-the-Job Training

  • The new teacher will have an orientation meeting with the manager and will work with the departing teacher while observing and teaching lessons.

Follow-Up Training

  • Generally occurring two to three months into the contract, Follow-up Training reviews teaching techniques, lesson structure and business responsibilities.

Around the 6-Month Mark

  • The teacher will have a meeting with the manager to discuss contract renewal.

Continual Training

  • Educational Workshops, Area Meetings and Professional Development Seminars are held throughout the year to promote continual growth among AEON’s teaching staff. These trainings are attended by both first-year teachers and more experienced teachers alike.