Cherry Blossoms Blooming in KozojiKozoji is a small town in Aichi prefecture, located just forty minutes outside of central Nagoya city. Kozoji is a convenient commute to Nagoya because it is located on the direct train line called the Japan Railway. From that train line, you can also easily explore the neighboring areas, such as Jinryo, Tajimi, and further down the line, Nakatsugawa.

From Kozoji, you can also see a beautiful view of Kozayama mountain. From the top of Kozayama, you can see a sprawling view of Aichi prefecture, and as far as Nagoya city.

Kozoji experiences all four seasons in the year. In the summer, it is hot and you can see local women dress up in yukatas, or summer kimonos. In spring, cherry blossoms bloom along the streets and near the major Kozoji train station, which provides a great photo opportunity! In autumn, the trees slowly change from green to bright reds and yellows. Finally, in winter, Kozoji gets very cold and may even sprinkle snow!

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