Kyoto, Japan’s old capital, is a city in the heart of the Kansai region of Japan.Green Tea

Kyoto is home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, one of them being the famous Temple of the Golden Pavilion. This Buddhist temple was made in the 15th century. It attracts thousands of visitors a year to experience the beautiful, bright gold walls reflected off a large pond.

Another beautiful temple in Kyoto is the Saiho-ji Temple. This temple is unique because the it is surrounded by green moss. When the leaves change to reds and yellows, it creates an unforgettable fall walk. What makes this temple luxurious is its strict admission policy. Visitors need to request a reservation in advance.

Located just outside of Kyoto city is Uji, which is famous for its green tea. In Uji city, you can do everything from eat green tea soba noodles to sip fresh green tea from the birthplace of Matcha.

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Here’s more from AEON Kyoto School teacher Lola sensei:

What do you like about teaching your students?

Kyoto Ekimae School Teacher LolaI like that students can be so pleasantly unpredictable. You never know when you might hear a funny story or when a student will say something that will make you laugh or smile. I also like that students can give me great ideas about places to go and things to see.

Please describe a typical work day:

I arrive around 15 minutes early at my school every day. Then I check my schedule, get all the materials I’ll need throughout the day, and review the materials for the lessons I have. I teach anywhere from 2-7 classes. Some days are busier than others. When I’m not teaching, I’m looking ahead at future lessons, preparing for counselings, or helping out with office tasks. Most days are pretty busy.

How easy is it to do your errands, like grocery shopping, banking, post office, dry cleaning, etc.?

Very easy. Even with minimal Japanese, I can get by day to day, and my Japanese coworkers are always willing to help me with anything that might be confusing.

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