Green matcha tea and desert served at a teahouseYagoto is a quiet residential suburb in Aichi prefecture of central Japan. It boasts all the conveniences one would need and has a college feel due to the prominent universities in the surrounding area. A good number of the students attending our AEON Yagoto school are students from Chukyo, Nagoya, or Nanzan University.

The Yagoto subway is also a nice perk for residents in the area and is serviced by the Mejio Line and Tsurumai Line, which allows for easy travel throughout Nagoya city. However, you do not need to travel far for a traditional Japanese experience. In the neighborhood and just a short walk from the subway station is a 17th-century temple, Koshoji. Visitors can enjoy a garden tour and relax in the tea house.

Hayatoike park is another popular spot to spend a relaxing afternoon outside. Here you can find walking paths, friendly ducks, and the option to rent row boats. If you’re feeling really adventurous, during spring and summer they have large clear balls which you can climb inside and practice running on water!

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