Message from AEON’s Founder

Over the past four decades since AEON opened its doors, our vision has been steadfast and our commitment unwavering. Although advancements in technology and research influence refinements in our methods and pedagogy, we have remained resolute in our dedication to the utmost excellence in education. Students of all ages come to AEON classrooms across Japan for professional lessons with trained, English-speaking educators. AEON teachers facilitate second language proficiency utilizing the best materials and techniques and cross-cultural understanding in an interactive, conversational, and welcoming atmosphere.

Thousands of AEON teachers from far corners of the English-speaking world have crossed the oceans to share their skills and life experiences with hundreds of thousands of our students. In the process, they have enriched their own lives in countless ways, building bridges of communication, goodwill, and friendships that last a lifetime. As a result of our high standards of education, our dedicated staff and faculty, and the achievements of our students, AEON has gained recognition as the premiere English language school in Japan.

If you share our enthusiasm for teaching and helping eager students fulfill their dreams and reach their linguistic goals, apply to join the team at AEON in Japan. Together we can make a difference.

Kiyoshi Aki
Founder of AEON Corporation