Career Opportunities

Many teachers find that their first year goes by too quickly. These teachers often decide to stay with AEON for a second, third or fourth year at their branch school. For those who have made a significant contribution at their branch schools and are interested in extending their careers with AEON, a variety of opportunities exist within the company. These positions include:

Emergency Teaching

Emergency teachers travel to different schools and assist with teaching lessons, prospective student interviews, organization, and other various business related duties. It is a great chance to travel and experience different cities in Japan. Emergency teachers are looked upon as role models by school staff and should epitomize what an AEON teacher is like.

Corporate Division

English in the workplace is becoming an increasingly essential requirement amongst companies in Japan. AEON’s corporate division specializes in teaching classes at companies to help them in the highly competitive world of business.


Trainers are responsible for training and supporting teachers throughout their careers at AEON. Each region has its own training staff consisting of former successful teachers with years of experience.

Curriculum Development

AEON’s curriculum department designs AEON textbooks and supplementary study materials based on the AEON teaching method. They also help develop new teaching techniques, like AEON’s Learning and Acquisition Method and Creative Action Method.


Recruiters are responsible for finding and hiring teachers who meet the high standards of AEON. Recruiting offices are located in Texas and Tokyo.