Students’ Expectations

Teacher meeting students' expectations by always providing help inside and outside of the lesson with a smileAEON students are serious about improving their English skills and devote a lot of time and effort into their studies. All students, both adults and kids, spend time before and after class studying English and preparing for their lessons. Our students expect the sincere support and guidance of their teachers both inside and outside of the classroom. Through AEON lessons, students and parents are looking to see genuine and measurable improvement in their English conversation ability.

Our adult students come to AEON for a wide variety of reasons. Some are studying English as a hobby, but many are learning English to give them an edge in terms of opportunities for advancement in the future. More and more companies in Japan are requiring high-level English communication skills and strong test scores. While all of our students come to AEON because they want to learn and use English, a growing number are coming because they need to use English at work. They are looking to their teachers to guide and support them in reaching their goals. Teacher meeting kids students' expectations by showing them how fun English is

Parents bring their children to AEON for similar reasons. In the past few years, Japan has placed a greater emphasis on English education, especially in younger grades. English communication is now a compulsory subject in elementary school and a standard subject for entrance examinations for high school and university. Parents realize that English conversation skills are essential for their children’s futures. AEON allows them to supplement their child’s English education with authentic conversation practice to give them the skills they’ll need to succeed.